Nature Experience #10 – Being Green

Kermit the FROG said that it’s not easy being green.
Over the past two weeks, I have learned that for Ireland being green IS easy.
And when I returned to Oklahoma, I learned that being green is easy for eastern Oklahoma, too!

Green is everywhere. Green is the word. Green is my favorite color.

I left Oklahoma with spring nearly here. The grass and trees were turning green, and the weather seemed to be telling us that spring had indeed arrived.

I landed at Dublin Airport in late March and discovered the real meaning of a world of green, the Ireland that we have read about for most of our lives.

In Ireland, there was no doubt that spring had sprung. Green fields, green grass, green bushes and hedges and plants. I learned that Ireland, even with the island’s northern latitude, has a temperate climate – and is home to palm trees! We were treated to eight days of glorious weather, with highs running far above normal. 

Dubliners bared their skin and lifted their faces to the sun. Walking paths were as crowded as the 405 in Los Angeles. People flocked to the coast of the Irish Sea for the weekends, and filled Dubin’s parks at noon and every other possible moment.

And with the abundant sun, the green got greener. I didn’t think it possible, but the land literally glowed green!
We visited many beautiful places, too many to touch on in this short piece. Many will be featured later this month.

But then, we returned home – and I found just as much green as in Ireland! The trees had all leafed out. The lawns (both grass and weeds) had bloomed. Iris – white, purple, yellow – had lifted their head at least three weeks early. The world here in Tulsa is vibrant GREEN. And I am feeling even more fond of my favorite color.

There are so many luscious shades of green in the spring. Chartreuse greens with yellow tints, teal greens with blue tints, and so so many shades in between. My eyes feast on them and my spirit lifts. I drove Riverside drive, and took in the sights, enjoying the tree-lined parkway and the glorious growth at Riverparks.

I am blessed this year to have seen the glorious growing green world in two of the prettiest places on earth – eastern Oklahoma and Ireland!

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