National Wildlife Week – March 19-23

Started in 1938 — National Wildlife Week is one the longest-standing wildlife and conservation education programs in the U.S.

This year the theme is focused on wonderful and unusual characteristics of North American Wildlife.

Each day there is a different subject for educators, home school parents and kids to explore, including: wildlife with “innovative defenses,” “unusual habitats,” “special adaptations,” “record breakers” or that have “super senses.”

Start your wildlife week celebration today!
· Explore the wildlife featured during the week by downloading posters, trading cards and exploring articles, slideshows and much more There is a new educational poster each day.
· Spread the word and share fun facts with your neighbors through Facebook, Twitter and social media
· Play games
· Download lesson plans
· View the Wildlife Webinar and learn about 6 species more in-depth
· Get a start on your service or volunteer project
· Watch for wildlife and log your sightings

Check it out!

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