Nature Connection #11 – Message to My Alien Penpal

I have an alien penpal. I don’t know what that penpal looks like. I don’t even know if “it” is male or female. “It” has never seen Earth, doesn’t really know what our mountains are, or oceans, or grasslands. “It” has never been to Oklahoma. But I have learned that my alien penpal has five sense – can see, smell, touch, hear and taste. I have learned that our languages are the same – they actually speak English.

Today’s activity can be written, or spoken aloud. The activity is simple, and includes a series of questions or directives for you to answer. Your answer becomes the letter you send to your penpal. Your response to each question or directive could be a separate correspondence, or you could bind them all together into a text about Your Earth.

Take your time and consider your answer carefully. Remember that this person (alien) to whom you are writing, has never been to Earth. However, you share the same five senses and a common language. You can also assume that they know the same colors and shapes that you do. Let’s get started.

1. What types of plant life does Earth have in the area where you live? Describe your favorite plant.

2. What is your favorite food to eat, and where does it come from? (Before you buy the ingredients at the store…) Describe it.

3. Do you have a favorite pet? Describe what it looks like, how it moves, and why you love it.

4. Describe your favorite day in each of the four seasons. How does it feel outside? What does it look like or sound like? What would you do on that day?

5. Describe your favorite place in your home region. Describe the sensations you have while you are there, and the activities that you would do while there.

Don’t be overwhelmed by this ‘connection’ assignment. Answer one question today, and another next week.
 If you are doing this assignment with a child, talk them through it, emphasizing the use of their senses as part of the descriptions. Go outside wih them as they think about their answers.
If you find this activity easy, go back and start over – but this time, consider that your alien is blind. Can you complete the descriptions without using visual cues?

You might want to start a notebook where you post all of your entries. I’ll provide more questions in future posts, labeled Alien Assignments. I hope you’ll watch for them!

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