Fall Nature Discovery #2 – The Last Unexplored Environment?

Humans are natural explorers. From the beginning of time we have wanted to know what things looked like over the hill and across the ocean. Our legs took
us wherever they could, and then humans invented ships and cars, submarines and space shuttles.
It is really possible that there is an unexplored environment on planet earth?

That’s what a recent artice is Discovery Magazine claims.

According to scientist

Fall Connection #3 – October Almanac Wisdom

Hopefully today’s advice – and some great quotes –  from the Farmer’s Almanac, found in the engagement calendars for 2011 and 2012, will bring you
some wisdom and some laughs! ENJOY!

“Don’t give cherries to pigs, nor advice to fools.” – Irish proverb

During the Yukon Klondike gold rush, potatoes were so valued that they were traded for gold.

If your pet’s coat is smelly, rub handfuls of baking soda or …

Fall Meditation #2 – Hemingway’s Eulogy for a Friend

Fall is celebrated by so many poets and writers. Quotes abound. For the next many Mondays expect a Nature Meditation featuring one of these beautiful quotes. If
you’d like to add your comments, including the thoughts these words inspire, please do.

“He loved the hills in the spring when the snows go off and the first flowers come. He loved the warm sun of summer and the high mountain meadows, the trails through the timber and the sudden clear