Nature Meditation #22 – Community in Nature

This week I selected the topic of ‘Community’ for the meditation. This is a crucial theme in nature but hard for many of us to grasp.How is it
possible that every type of creature is truly needed on this planet, and then we all depend on each other?

There’s a song in The Lion King called “The Circle of Life.” Community is what that song is about. It has to do with connections, it has to do with relationships. …

Nature Experience #12 – Feature: Osage Hills State Park

The flowing water of Sand Creek runs in trickles and torrents, flowing over the bed of limestone rocks in ever descending levels, stopping to swirl
and eddy in the shallows before hurrying along to join in with the next rush of water. Here, in  northeastern Osage County Oklahoma, is a place where time stands still, Osage Hills State

Native trees like post oak, black willow, hackberry, sassafrass, walnut and pecan line the …

Nature Connection #21 – Go Batty!

Say the word Bat – what do you think of?

Most likely Dracula – or vampires. It’s too bat that these furry little mammals have been associated for so long with such nasty monsters. They are one of our mammal cousin, which means that they
are warm-blooded, give live-birth, and provide their young with milk just like we do. Their bird-like ‘wings’ are actually long finger bones, adapted so that these mammals can truly fly. These
are fascinating animals!

This …