Nature Connection #9 – Snowflakes

I’m wishing and dreaming for snowflakes. As a weatherman put it just last week, we had June-uary, not January. But snow could be on the way this month, and the time to learn about snow is NOW!
Snow is a word that can describe lots of different weather phenomena. It can be more than just an icy, solid form of precipitation. These differences are unimportant to most of us. We are either thrilled or wary when it snows! If we further define ‘snow’ it can become sleet, sneet (snow and sleet) or even ice.They are all cold and white, but description, and personal experience, make all the difference. A weatherman can describe snow flurries, snow showers, snow squalls and blizzards. Fact is, they are all SNOW.

Nature Meditation #9 – Love and Fear

From “Winter Solstice at the Moab Slough” by Terry Tempest Williams in Heart of the Land, the Nature Conservancy, 2000.
“D.H. Lawrence writes, “In every living thing there is a desire for love, for the relationship of union with the rest of things.”
I think of my own stream of desires, how cautious I have become with love. It is a vulnerable enterprise to feel deeply and I may not survive my affections.

Nature Short Story #3 – “Forest Cat” – Part 3

I couldn’t see it. The trees were thick opposite the rock fall, just beyond a flat grassy meadow.
Bess gathered her strength and stood. Slowly, we picked our way across the rocks and then stepped across the meadow. The undergrowth in front of us was thick, but then, it wasn’t underbrush. It was a house.

Nature Connection #8 – Eagle Soar

Here in Tulsa we are so lucky to be able to see our national bird, The American Bald Eagle, all year long. Back from the verge of extinction, this bird is a success story! It is now nesting in parts of the United States where it had virtually vanished in the 1960s.
One of the groups that researched and worked to return nesting populations of bald eagles to their natural habitats was the George Miksch Sutton Avian Research Center in Bartlesville, Ok. (